Inside or Outside of Classroom?

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In the past few decades, there has been a considerable increase in interest in providing input rich environment to language learners. This article aims to discover whether learning opportunities outside the classroom can improve learners' English proficiency in their speech. This paper focuses on the assessment of oral performance of two different groups of ELT (English Language Teaching) students: The first group is composed of 4th year ELT students who had the opportunity to practice their target language in a native speaking country, whereas the second group did not have the chance of using their English outside the classroom.
The participants in this study are 4th year ELT students (n=20) who had attended to oral communication skills course in their 1st year. Students who attended to oral communication skills course for 14 weeks had the opportunity to practice providing rich comprehensible input through conversation tasks and also role-playing classroom tasks. The participant students had been tested on their oral performances by using a variety of impromptu speech topics at the end of the term. Half of the participants, who were enrolled an international-joint degree program, went to America to pursue their 3rd year in an American university. After returning home country, they were given the same impromptu speech topics to test their oral skills in order to investigate the influence of studying in an English-speaking country. The 10 participant students’, who just returned home country, 1st and 4th year recorded performances on conversation tests were analyzed in terms of use of fillers and the number of errors. These results were also compared with other 10 FLE students' (who were not enrolled an international-joint degree program) recorded performances. The findings confirmed that having opportunities to use the target language in a real environment could enhance learners' oral proficiency.

Keywords: Comparative Study, Oral Performance, Impromptu Speech
Stream: Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Asst. Prof. Dr. Muge Gunduz

Department of Foreign Language Education
Faculty of Education, Middle East Technical University

Ankara, Turkey

Ref: L12P0759